MassageWorx LLC
Improving quality of life for people with disabilities
Providing Massage Therapy Services to People with Disabilities

Serving all of Utah

Did you know that massage therapy may be available 

for the person with disabilities that you care for 

through state-funded services?


Massage Therapy Can:

•  Reduce anxiety & stress

•  Decrease muscle tension

•  Enhance relaxation

• Increase range of motion

• Improve circulation

• Reduce pain

• Offer a positive experience of touch

• Relax the central nervous system

• Improve disposition and sociability


Some of the Specific Benefits of Disability Massage

Autism & other Intellectual Disabilities

Massage provides a positive sensory experience and has a relaxing effect.  Massage gradually increases tolerance of touch and reduces self-stimulating behaviors

Skeletal & Muscular Disorders (Cerebral Palsy, etc).

Massage helps relax chronically tensed muscles, decreases pain, and improves range of motion and circulation.

Chronic Constipation/Bowel Issues

Massage helps stimulate perastalsis (movement of bowels) and regulate the function of the digestive system.

Down Syndrome

Massage benefits individuals with hypotonic muscle tone (having deficient tone or tension), common to this disorder.


Massage Modalities Provided

• Craniosacral

• Effleurage

• Petrissage

• Stretching/ROM

• Acupressure

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